Here are my projects, or "work in progress", inspired by a subject, a topic or theme. Almost never ended up, often expanded into larger jobs, or divided into sub-projects depending on the use. Some have flown in an exhibition others simply become a thematic portfolio of my work.

As the chance meeting on a dissecting-table of a sewing-machine and an umbrella!

(Lautréamont, Le chants de Maldoror, canto VI, 1869)


The purpose of each of these images is to subvert the relationships between things, bringing together two realities as far as possible from each other and violating the laws of the natural order through the rhetorical figure of similitude and of the metaphor putting on an instantaneous image and photographing it again, elements that are apparently foreign but are in fact linked to it and in which similar and comparable properties are identified, giving way to a process of interpretation with the visual effects that derive from it.

This project stems from the natural application of the lateral thinking that leads me, during the creative process, to overturn the logical reasoning by analyzing the various hypotheses through associations of totally random ideas, appropriating the poetic Metaphysics in its characteristic of representing reality placing itself outside it to get to express what, to this day, the more it represents me.


In this work are represented my past and my cultural references such as the lessons of Professor Giuliano Maggiora at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and studies on visual communication inspired by Bruno Munari, the photography of Rebecca Norris Webb and apparently distant Giovanni Gastel but mainly the Surrealism, the photographic one, by Jerry Uelsmann and the avant-garde artistic movements of the last century.

How many birds, from the deep sea flock on earth

(Virgilio, Aeneid, VI)

Selection: AREZZO&FOTOGRAFIA | 2-11 december 2016 

Collettive by Imago photographic association - Arezzo

With this work I wanted to express what photography means to me: the sense of freedom and "release" in the path of my life.

This series of pictures come from a project that wants to filter the nature and spirituality through a symbolic interpretation that see winged creatures not only like the emblem of  freedom and vitality but also like objects of prejudice.

It is not a coincidence that the bird appears in the iconography of different religions and philosophies in which it often represents the connection between heaven and earth, between the human will and the divine, between conscious and unconscious.

The choice of black and white is just to signify the bipolar contraposition in which, as in the Chinese symbol of  Tao (yin-yang), a part begins where the other ends.

Black and white are placed at the two ends of the colour range, becoming, at the same time, absence or amount, denial or synthesis of all colours.


The Leopardi's poem is a statement of the endless conflict between the finite and infinite, between reality and ideal that characterizes the romantic man. Each of these shots binds to a verse of the popular idyll in a loose and heterogeneous way, mixing techniques and equipment, both digital and analogic . (print size 20x20 cm)

The infinity

This solitary hill has always been dear to me
And this hedge, which prevents me from seeing most of
The endless horizon.
But when I sit and gaze, I imagine, in my thoughts,
Endless spaces beyond the hedge,
An all encompassing silence and a deeply profound quiet,
To the point that my heart is quite overwhelmed.
And when I hear the wind rustling through the trees
I compare its voice to the infinite silence.
And eternity occurs to me, and all the ages past,
And the present time, and its sound.

Amidst this immensity my thought drowns:
And to flounder in this sea is sweet to me.

The Secrets of Water

These photographs are part of a team work for the "Artistic photography course" of Photographic association Imago Arezzo ended up in an exhibition and a competition on the theme "The Four Elements".

The selection presented to the committee consisted of four shots among wich the jury selected two photographs for the exhibition, one of wich received the 1st prize for the 2Water Element".   (prints size 25x25cm)

              Working on this issue leads me to my interpretation of water as element, inspired by Herman Hesse Siddartha in wich he writes:

"...One who understood this water and its secrets, it seemed to him, would understand many other things as well, many secrets, all the secrets..."

              Starting from here, I went in search of the different ways in wich water is revealed to a thorough look, and this is the result, a selection of images that, at first glance, may seem diverse, but that just show the difficulty to understand its secrets...all the secrets.


Portfolio consisting of a series of backlit flowers with the Hi-key thecnique.