About me






Hello, my name is Maria Luce and I made of eclecticism my lifestyle. Over the years I have experienced various jobs, including graphic design and interiors design. In 1990 I won a prize, for the design of a postage stamp, by Japanese Postage Ministry.

Passion and originality guide everything I do. During the creative process, the lateral thinking leads me to overturn the logical thinking by analyzing the various hypotheses through associations of totally random ideas; I take my photos upside down, I twist them, I break them and I rebuild them again. Curious and perceptive, I don't mind to get my hands dirty, so I keep on testing my world by expanding and abstracting  it, provoking it and pushing it to express what, to date, most represents me with the hope that my shots will manage to transmit creative shockwaves.

Representing my past and my cultural references such as the lessons of Professor Giuliano Maggiora at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and studies on visual communication inspired by Bruno Munari.

But you cannot get satisfactory results regardless being updated constantly, so I attended courses and workshops both on photographic and postproduction techniques.

...what I love about photography?

the feeling of freedom it gives holding the camera...